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Meet our Two New Lawyers

Moons Solicitors has been growing recently, with the addition of two new specialist personal injury lawyers.

Graham Edwards joined us in January from Helier Benn in Stamford. Graham is a Chartered Legal Executive who qualified in 2015. Prior to Helier Benn he spent seven years at Taylor Rose.

As well as specialising in personal injury claims for injured people, he has a background in legal costs law. He has many years' experience of representing both claimants and defendants at court.

Away from the office, he is a member of his local running club, plays the guitar, and supports Peterborough United.

Tamon Pearmain joined us in November 2021 as a litigation executive. He previously worked for Whirlpool, dealing in particular with legal claims arising from fires caused by faulty tumble dryers and washing machines. These cases included both personal injury claims and claims for property damage.

He is a law graduate from the University of Portsmouth, and intends to follow in Graham's footsteps and qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive.

When not at work, Tamon is an Arsenal fan, enjoys history, and is a dog lover.

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