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Lockdown 2 at Moons Solicitors

With England in another lockdown for at least four weeks, we are hoping to ensure our clients' cases are as little affected as possible.

Where possible, we try to run as paperlessly as we can. This means we have secure online access to our cases whether working at home or in the office, so even when the office is closed we can carry on with only minor disruption. We can continue to speak with our clients by email, telephone and online video, and even court hearings can take place online.

Unfortunately our office will be closed to visitors during the lockdown. Post will be collected and read, but we can't guarantee this will be every day. The best way to contact us is by email or telephone, and our main phone number 01733 807407 is set to divert to a mobile number so we should remain contactable by phone as normal.

If any clients have any worries about how lockdown might affect their case, please get in touch.

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